Democracy 21

Democracy 21

This major national conference starts with the premise that people should have collective power to make good things happen for themselves and their communities and to stop bad things happening. This is a simple definition of power. Democracy is the most equal distribution of that power possible.

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The purpose of the event is to bring together citizens, activists, community groups, campaigns and unions to think about the challenges for democracy in the current political, social, and technological context and to attempt to collectively imagine the evolution of our current thinking, institutions and practice of democracy.

We will reach out to community groups, democratic innovators, academics, legislators, local and national politicians, civil servants, civil society activists, community organisers, political activists, futurists, artists and creators to imagine a new democracy. Paul Mason will address the conference – more speakers will be announced in due course.

From this, we aim to build an active community of people in Scotland and connected internationally who are interesting in helping create an improved version of democracy fit for a changed society. This network will be a source of shared experience, learning and advice for reformers inside and outside the state as well as a source of pressure for change to current practices and institutions.

We will also launch a declaration that will shape the Local Democracy Bill. Developed by and for community activists – to advance an ambitious local government reform agenda.

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Glasgow Marriott Hotel, 500 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8RR
Glasgow Marriott Hotel