Amplify Our Democracy: A showcase

Participants were encouraged to write down their ideas as they were discussing at the Amplify event. You can read some of their ideas here: Amplify World Cafe.

Throughout Scotland, people are acting as if they own the place and taking back control of their communities. Our Democracy is proud to bring together a national showcase of some of the most inspiring examples, as well as looking at how we can turn ‘acting as if we own the place’ into actually owning it.

This will be a day of quick-fire presentations, discussion and socialising aimed at cultivating the active Scotland-wide community and celebrating the potential of Scottish local democracy.

The event will take place on Saturday 21 October, in Dundee, 11am-4pm. A communal lunch will be provided.

Tickets are free but please reserve one if you are coming so that we have an idea of attendance.

Check out the Facebook event to keep up to date and invite people to it who you think might be interested –

We want to continue to build an active community of those interested in helping create an improved version of democracy fit for a changed society. This network will be a source of shared experience and advice for reformers, as well as a source of pressure for change to current practices and institutions. We hope you can join us.

The Steeple, Nethergate, Dundee